This course is designed to help those who have been in the workforce and want to Elevate their leadership skills and potential to the next level.  Investing in your personal growth is one of the best ways to position yourself for growth in your workplace as well.  If you are ready to take your leadership potential to the next level, then Elevate is a class you will want to take.


Leadership U is excited to offer LeaderSHAPE, a class that merges the popular concepts of Strengths Finder, Social Styles, and your Spiritual Gifts to help you discover and become All that God Designed You to Be. Learning how you are uniquely created will allow you to begin to maximize the potential He has placed within you. These things will also help you understand, relate, partner, and communicate with other people in a more effective way, furthering your success and influence! Learn your unique LeaderSHAPE and put it to work in your life!