As December 2020 came to a close, I realized I was spending too much time online. So that’s what I gave up for the 21 day fast. During that time, God placed important questions on my heart. What does HE say about my experiences with someone who hurt me in the past? What is the Biblical definition of forgiveness? How does it apply to my situation?

These were hard questions. Part of me didn’t want answers. I was afraid my indifference toward this person would cause God to be indifferent to me – and that was terrifying. So instead of continuing on alone, I reached out to a few different people and they agreed to help me seek answers.

We opened with prayer. I explained my history and the questions I was left with. They shared some great insight, which I greatly appreciated, and then led me in prayer talking with Jesus. I asked how He saw me, and He told me that He sees me the way I see my children. Beautiful, special, worthy!

That alone would have been enough. But as the week went on, I continued to listen to Jesus. He revealed that His answer had another meaning as well. My children are pure! I am pure in Jesus’ eyes! I am redeemed by His grace and love and sacrifice.

In what I was thinking toward the person who hurt me, I was believing a lie about myself. I am so thankful for my Savior and that He cares enough to speak truth to me.