Stephanie Morris

Children’s Director

Who we are

Vision:  The vision of CF Kids is to equip and empower kids to be all God designed them to be.

Mission: Our mission is to cultivate a community of students and leaders that are continually being transformed through the power of the Spirit as we hear His voice, worship, learn in freedom, and begin to understand our God-given identity. 

How that is accomplished in CF Kids

HEARING: We create a space for kids to learn to hear and recognize God’s voice, because we believe kids hear from God. We want them to know that Jesus is their friend, and just as friends have conversations, they can also have dialogue with Him. He speaks to us through His Word, His people, and His world. 

IDENTITY: CF Kids is divided into three parts, K-1st grade, 2nd-3rd grade and 4th-5th grade.  We have created a small group environment that allows for greater connection with students and leaders alike. We want our students to know God, His word, and His love for them. Our desire is for students to understand who they are in Christ and discover their unique identity as they influence those around them. 

Current Series