Brian & Patti Cross

Brian and Patti are Deacons at Christ Fellowship. They have 1 daughter and have been attending CF for 10 years. Brian also serves on the Worship Team, Creative Team and helps in Leadership Development. “I like having the ability to be with people, both new and old at CF, and learn their stories and help out how ever might be needed. CF has made me be a better father, husband, and leader in my home and a deeper believer. It has also helped me see that my faith is something I have with me every day, regardless of what setting I am in- not just on Sundays.

Patti Cross is a member of the Prayer Team and works in the nursery. “I like serving on the Deacon team so that we can encourage and pray with people after church and in the hospital. Christ Fellowship has helped me to think in healthier ways, to celebrate order, to seek out mentors, and to embrace change.”