Rick & Marcie Toomey


Rick and Marcie are Deacons at Christ Fellowship and also serve as Small Group Leaders, on the Communion Team and work with Mountain Mission School. They have been at CF for 2 years and have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Rick’s love for people is contagious and Marcie’s heart to serve and give to others is inspiring.  They also serve on the Prayer Team.


“God’s incredible love for us gives me a passion for serving Him and by serving Him, I’m always blessed. CF has provided me a great environment in which to worship, to serve, to grow and to have fellowship with wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.” (Rick)

“It is an honor to serve my Lord in any way and CF provides me wonderful opportunities to serve. By creating an environment that is filled with God’s grace, CF has helped me become more of who God created me to be.” (Marci)