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Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews is the creator of the DREAM THINK DO podcast. He’s also a success coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur.

His DREAM THINK DO podcast helps people to dream bigger, think better, and do more of what they were created to do. It’s been rated #1 by the Huffington Post and is in top 0.5% of all podcasts.

Plus, as a speaker and elite success coach, he’s spent the last twenty years helping organizations like NIKE, United Airlines, NASA and Disney. Mitch has also built an online life coach certification and business training program that has helped thousands of life and success coaches from around the world.

Mitch is very open about his faith and will often talk about how prayer guides his business decisions, marketing strategies and content creation.  

In fact, he has a second podcast for coaches, speakers and content creators called “Encouraging the Encouragers.” Mitch is quick to point out the genesis of that podcast came to him from a powerful prayer experience in the Oregon mountains.  

Mitch is a husband to his amazing bride, a dad to their two incredible sons and proudly lives a highly-caffeinated lifestyle in Des Moines.

Jonathan Vossler
Photo of the Mauldins

Michael and Meredith have a passion to see the church, at large, leading in creativity again and believe everything starts from the place of worship. For the last 15 years of their marriage they have been studying what it means to worship the Lord. For 7 of those years, they had the honor to help pioneer the worship movement that is called the UpperRoom, based out of Dallas, TX. 

They have recently started SongLab MSC which holds events to empower worship teams and creatives to create and song write from a place of encounter, stewarding the revelation that is happening in them personally and in their local church communities. They have found that teams that worship and create together develop new levels of unity, as well as celebration, rather than competition.

Jamie Winship

Jamie has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas.

Starting with a distinguished career in law enforcement in the metro Washington, DC area, his unconventional efforts to bring about societal and racial reconciliation led him to Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, and back to the US. In recent years, Jamie has worked with leaders in a variety of sectors, from police departments to pro football teams to churches and other faith-based organizations.

Jamie is the author of the Energy series and “Living Fearless: Exchanging The Lies Of The World For The Liberating Truth Of God”. He loves to help people hear from God and live fearlessly in their true identity.

Derek Harden

Derek is a Pathblazer. Like Caleb from the Old Testament, he doesn’t let unchartered territory intimidate, but rather enjoys forging new paths and making new trails for people to traverse in the Kingdom of God. 

Derek is originally from the hills of southeastern Ohio. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University, where he also played football. Upon graduation, he entered the corporate world where he would work for eight years before stepping into full time ministry.

He is now the lead pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, where he lives with his wife, Kate, and three children. 

Derek delights in the presence of God, and wants nothing more than for others to do the same.

Kim Wheeler

Kim Wheeler is the Adult Ministry Director at Christ Fellowship Church. Before taking a full-time position at Christ Fellowship, she completed a 20 year career as a high school English teacher. She is a life-long resident of Kingsport and a life-long lover of Jesus.  

For the past 28 years she has been married to Jason, who truly is her best friend, and they have 2 young adult kids – Abbey & Creed.  

Kim is deeply in love with the voice of God and her passion is encouraging others in developing a real, meaningful relationship with Him – a relationship that impacts the Kingdom and brings heaven to earth.

Leon Liu

Leon Liu is an accomplished operations executive and management consultant with over 20 years of experience driving business transformation, operational excellence, and shareholder value creation for global corporations, private equity portfolio companies, and technology startups.

He currently serves as a Principal Consultant, where he partners with clients to implement strategies focused on cultural transformation, lean manufacturing, supply chain improvements, and post-merger integration. Leon has delivered millions in cost savings and productivity improvements for organizations across industries including aviation, manufacturing, and mining.

Leon has held many senior operations leadership roles where he successfully turned around business units, integrated merged companies, and drove enterprise growth, particularly through times of crisis.

Leon is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and passionate about continuous improvement by facilitating teams. He is known for his ability to quickly diagnose operational bottlenecks and rally cross-functional teams to execute solutions focused on sustainable improvement.

He holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. Leon resides in California where he enjoys mentoring students and advising startups on scaling with excellence.

Jeff Wagoner

Jeff spent his first business years in the field operations, marketing and continuous improvement prior to founding his consulting business. During his 25-plus year career he has held numerous key management positions, including General Manager, Sales/Marketing Director, Vice President New Business Development, Managing Director, and Continuous Improvement Director.

As an Improvement Manager and Coach, Jeff has facilitated teams in operational excellence and leadership effectiveness at many companies including: Union Carbide, Praxair, Pratt & Whitney, United Airlines, McDonald’s, Delta Airlines, Exide, Chemtura, Compass Minerals, Songwon and IKO. The events covered a full range of continuous improvement from production flow line, senior management practices, and business process changes to a total redesign of the business. He attributes a large part of his personal growth and success in the business world to his experience from a line operator on the shop floor to executive management.

Paul Nadeau
photo of Abbie Cobb

Abbie Cobb is an actress, acting coach, and Jesus-lover living and working in the television and film industry in Los Angeles. Abbie holds a degree in theater as well as a host of acting credits that range from Disney Channel (Starstruck, Jonas, Good Luck Charlie) and Nickelodeon (Henry Danger, Big Time Rush) to network shows and films (90210, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy, American Horror Story, Mom’s Night Out, 9-1-1, etc). While continuing her acting work on sets in Hollywood, she also enjoys the education track of training new actors to learn how to be successful in LA.

Abbie opened The AFA Studio in Los Angeles with the goal of helping actors get “unstuck”. Actors For Actors has become a studio that helps actors gain freedom, transformation, and practical tips and tricks to navigate the on-camera world of film and television. The jaw-dropping stories she shares from her little corner of the world in Los Angeles will remind us all: don’t give up on the power of story and don’t give up on Hollywood! God is moving in LA! Follow her journey or learn more about her books and studio @abbiecobb and @theAFAstudio

Hessel Baker

Hessel Baker is the Founder and CEO of Uplift Georgia and Dwell Communities

Hessel has spent his career helping provide marginalized families with affordable housing in safe, thriving communities where spiritual transformation is the metric of success.  

Uplift Georgia’s primary aim is to enhance the quality-of-life experiences of residents in affordable housing communities, including senior living communities, by fostering a sense of community and building social connections among neighbors through educational, enriching, and engaging opportunities. We believe that these shared experiences and increased neighbor interactions will ultimately lead to stronger social bonds, greater trust, and a heightened willingness to support and invest in their community. Uplift Georgia also seeks to enhance access to valuable resources within the community while simultaneously facilitating connections with external resources through relationships forged between residents and supportive organizations.

Tiffany Fikes
photo of Lindsey Reiman

Lindsey Reiman is the founder of the spiritual intelligence company Aqua Regia, the equipping center called The Prophetic Labs, and co-founder of the SQ Institute. She loves to examine Scripture, the spirit realm, and all that God says through the lens of a microscope, and enjoys helping other people unlock their gifts to help them become spiritual X Men! Because all prophetic people carry only a portion of the puzzle, she believes deeply in the power of teamwork and enjoys making connections between others to help the clearest possible picture of the Kingdom emerge on Earth.

Marketplace Collab is happening March 8th & 9th at Christ Fellowship Church located in Kingsport, TN

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