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MC Speaker Bios

Mitch Matthews
Jamie Winship
Jonathan Vossler
Derek Harden
Kim Wheeler

Session Leader Bios

Leon Liu
Jeff Wagoner
Paul Nadeau

Paul worked with Deloitte Consulting as a Principal – supporting clients all over the
world while also serving as an US Air Force Reserve officer. His career elevated to a
place where he managed many other partners, but he lost touch with customers he
loved engaging. A Life Plan retreat in 2008 made it clear to him that working alongside leaders to help them find more successful enterprises and lives is what he loved most and where he could make his highest contribution. He took early retirement from Deloitte and now applies his extensive consulting knowledge to leaders and businesses of all sizes through SummitTrek where he has been a partner for over a decade. He is especially gifted at solving complex problems and helping others find a clear path forward to success in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. He operates with a boundless confidence and infectious enthusiasm. He is a man of deep faith with a marriage of 40 years and three grown sons. He is an avid motorcyclist, loves woodworking, travel, and spending time working on his ranch west of San Antonio.

Brian Schroller

After twenty-five years in investment banking as an economist and fixed income
manager over billions in assets, Brian realized that he more enjoyed working alongside individual leaders and helping them find greater success in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. A Life Plan retreat in 2009 made it clear that he was to not step into the Chief Financial Officer role as the next step in his banking career, but instead begin to come alongside small business owners to help them find greater success. He and Paul have been partners in SummitTrek for over a decade. Brian enjoys curating transformational experiences for their clients through merging he and Paul’s vast experience, the best and brightest ideas of thought leaders, and a practical understanding of what living in God’s kingdom is like. He creates the bulk of SummitTrek’s canon of leadership and business curriculum. He loves Jeeping, spending time with his wife of 34 years, 6 children, and many grandchildren. He enjoys good food and is an avid movie buff (we have over 300 redemptive movie reviews on SummitTrek’s coaching site!)

Hessel Baker
Tiffany Fykes

Tiffany Fykes began her professional work by producing coverage for Reuters News of the Bush/Gore election in 2000.  Just as that turned into a bigger deal than anyone could have imagined…so started her career.  She spent the next 7 years in the “edu-tainment” genre of video production producing teaching pieces and documentaries to inspire new ways of thinking.  Ultimately, her goal was to partner with her husband Joshua in a family business and in 2008 she joined his residential architecture company to lead the client experience and in 2009 she led the expansion of their brand into real estate services.  Despite the real estate crisis, within 4 years Tiffany built a million dollar revenue company, was recognized as one of the top agents in the country, had doubled the size of her family, and was on a path to completely lose her identity.  She wrestled for the next decade with the right version of success, surrender and striving.

Today Tiffany is an experience creator putting her giftings to work as: Co-Founder of Her Best Life LLC (a national company that supports female business leaders to leave no part of themselves behind), Founder of FYKES Realty Group LLC (out of Nashville, TN that helps agents lead their clients to have fun during the stresses of selling and buying a home), Mom to two teenage boys (currently transitioning from homeschool to middle school) and Speaker (facilitating conversations that inspire others to believe in impossible dreams).