Equip Ministry

It’s easy to let the issues of life drive our choices, behaviors and beliefs, but God wants so much more for all of us. He wants us to live an abundant life that’s full of hope, love, peace and joy. He wants us to experience His fullness in every aspect of our lives. That’s the heart of the Equip Ministry.

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Upcoming Events...

Get in on the action! Our vision to equip individuals to be all God designed them to be goes beyond Sunday mornings. We desire to inspire personal growth at church, home, work and in your community. Taking part in the events offered by Christ Fellowship is a great way to connect, serve, and grow.


You are the church and we need you to make things happen...


Small Groups

Group participants experience real life change because they get involved and get connected with others.  CF Groups are groups of 10 - 12 adults that meet regularly in homes across the Tri-Cities region.



Volunteers illuminate the message of Jesus Christ by becoming God’s vessel for ministry. We don’t want you to underestimate the potential you have to impact lives of others or the impact that serving can have in your life.



Our vision for missions is to equip churches, leaders, and cultures to be all God designed them to be by embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ, discovering how to maximize gifts and talents, and living out a Biblical Worldview.


Adult Ministries

Adult ministries consists of:



Celebrate Recovery

Overcoming pain, problems and addictions can seem like an uphill battle when you’re facing them alone. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step biblically based recovery program for individuals and their families who are dealing with emotional distress and need healing power in their lives.