Equip Ministry

It’s easy to let the issues of life drive our choices, behaviors and beliefs, but God wants so much more for all of us. He wants us to live an abundant life that’s full of hope, love, peace and joy. He wants us to experience His fullness in every aspect of our lives. That’s the heart of the Equip Ministry. Peeling back the layers of things that challenge our faith, expanding our understanding and experience of the Holy Spirit, learning to discern His voice, discovering our unique identity and giftings and pressing into new revelations of who He is and who He calls us to be are just a part of this new ministry of Christ Fellowship. God never changes but He’s always moving and doing something new, unveiling a new season. This ministry is what we believe God is doing right now. What He’s wanting us to learn about Himself, us, and the world we live in. It’s a ministry built on equipping us to be all God designed us to be; walking in freedom and in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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