God never intended for us to walk the journey of life alone. Small Groups create a casual environment that offers opportunities for relational and spiritual growth through authentic community. These groups consist of 10 to 12 adults that meet regularly in homes across the Tri-Cities region. Small groups gather people of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity to take part in Bible study, fellowship, service and prayer. Read about Chance & Morgan Morrell’s Small Group experience below-


Chance and I joined Christ Fellowship in January of 2017. We both grew up in very different church settings. Chance was a member at a small, traditional church for the majority of his life. I went to a contemporary, non-denominational church from adolescence on. We joined Christ Fellowship with somewhat of a guarded heart, thinking we would give this large church a try and hope for the best. In the same year, we attended the Small Group Connection Event. I can remember distinctly praying that if this was where we were supposed to be that God would provide us with a group of people to help us feel at home.

At the Small Group Connection Event, Chance and I signed up for a group. I was eager and he was reserved (very typical in our relationship). The group we joined is very diverse: 2-3 young newly-wed couples, some couples that have been married for many years, and a few singles. After meeting together for the past year, we have formed relationships that challenge and encourage us through this season of life and, I’m sure, for the seasons to come. Our group has provided us with mentors that lead us in our marriage and encourage us to press on when things get complicated, as well as friends to celebrate with in times of awesomeness!

God has continued to root us deeper in our Small Group which has connected us to Christ Fellowship in a way I never thought possible in such a large setting. In addition to attending our Small Group, My husband and I serve in the children’s ministry and with local missions opportunities. There was a time in our life we were very unsure about church and finding somewhere to call home. We are so thankful to have a Small Group made up of individuals that embrace us, help us, and spur us on to growth.