God never intended for us to walk the journey of life alone. Small Groups create a casual environment that offers opportunities for relational and spiritual growth through authentic community. These groups consist of 10 to 12 adults that meet regularly in homes across the Tri-Cities region. Small groups gather people of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity to take part in Bible study, fellowship, service and prayer. Several small groups even offer childcare through rotation of members or pooling funds for a sitter.   See how small groups are affecting the lives of others:

11246850_10101214958655486_2064404962826067233_oJake and Nichole’s Story

As a newlywed couple we moved to Birmingham, AL where we were over five hours away from our entire support group of family and friends.  We started attending a wonderful, but very large church and at first we felt lost and didn’t know how to connect.  We decided to give small groups a try and got connected with a group where we were the youngest couple, the most recently married, and most of them already had small children.  Despite being a little behind in “life experience” they welcomed us in immediately.  We studied the Bible, ate together, laughed together, did outreach, and ultimately shared life together. They became our family in our new city.  When we had our first child and had no clue what we were doing, they took us under their wings.  They brought us meals and checked on us for more than a week and even babysat for us later to give us “date nights”.  These people are still our friends who we keep in touch with and we are forever grateful for their friendships and godly influence in our lives.

Since that time we have been in a few other small groups. Each time the same thing happens; we grow spiritually and become friends who walk through life together.  After beginning to attend Christ Fellowship we felt God was leading us to “step up” and lead a new small group where our goal is simply to cultivate the same environment of “community” that we were so blessed to have been a part of before.

We believe small groups are a wonderful way to share the journey of life with people who will be there to celebrate the good times, pick you up and encourage you in the rough times, hold each other accountable, have fun, and enjoy life together.  It’s also a great way to make a large church feel like home.  We would have been lost in the crowd without the group God brought into our lives during a time of multiple life-changing events.

We love small groups. We love God and we encourage you to give them a shot.