Brittany Ivanich

Early Childhood Director

Who we are

Vision: Our heart is to equip and empower all individuals to be all that God designed them to be. We’re able to help lead children with special needs into a growing relationship with Jesus by pairing them with a buddy in a caring and safe environment while tailoring curriculum to meet their needs.

Mission:  Our mission is to cultivate a family community that is continually transformed through the power of the Spirit as we learn to hear His voice, understand our freedom, and begin to lay a foundation of our God given Identity. 

How that is accomplished in CF Special Needs:

HEARING: We create the foundation for hearing and recognizing God’s voice.  We believe our littles hear from God. We teach them to know that Jesus is their friend, and just as friends have conversations, they can also have dialogue with Him.  He speaks to us through His Word, His people, and His world. 

IDENTITY: We believe we are all created in the image of God and designed to reflect God’s heart to this world in unique ways. We begin equipping by instilling the truth that God made them – beautifully and wonderfully and they were chosen by Him from the beginning of time.  

FREEDOM: Our desire is for our littles to know that they are loved by God, and nothing can separate them from His love! We believe that He is always there. Jesus died in order for our littles to live in relationship with Him – free from fear, guilt, and shame.

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