Photo of Stephanie Morris

Stephanie Morris

Children’s Director


Who we are

Vision: Our vision is to equip and empower the next generation to be all God designed them to be.

Mission: Our mission is to cultivate a community of young people who are continually transformed through the power of the Spirit as we learn to hear His voice, walk in freedom, and live out our God-given identity in the world.

How that is accomplished in CF Kids

HEARING: We want our students to hear from God confidently as they grow through each phase of life. We believe there is no junior Holy Spirit. So, we want them to discover Jesus as a close friend and like all close friends, learn to have conversations with Him through everything.

IDENTITY: We believe we are all created in the image of God and designed to reflect God’s heart to this world through our true identity. We want our students to learn over time, a deep sense of how God has uniquely designed them as they influence the world around them.

FREEDOM: We want our students to experience our environments as fun and safe places where they can freely be who God created them to be. We want them to have personal encounters with Jesus and discover the freedom found in knowing nothing can separate them from the love of God.

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