The image of God is woven into every human being on planet Earth. It has given each of us a unique identity, that is ours to discover and live out. It is from this true identity, that we live the life God intended each of us to live. Not as a hyped-up promise of destiny but of a true, life-changing purpose and the life we were created to live. 

Yet so often, instead of discovering who we are made to be, we adapt to what we think we are supposed to be. In this adapting, we lose sight of our true selves and miss out on knowing the fullness of the love God has always had for us. 

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if we could actually receive His love, know our true self and live out this expression of Him on the earth?

We believe we can. And it is the invitation for every human being to follow Jesus into this discovery of His Goodness and Love for us all. 

So often though we have been told and believed that the real ministry is for those in the pulpit on Sundays or on the mission field. But we believe Jesus modeled for us a way of living in The Kingdom that sees all of life as mission, for all people.It is time we live out the truth that there is no separation between God and His creation anywhere on earth and His love is flowing to all and in all. For The Kingdom is at work and at hand in the here and now. And your role in that is vital.

Over these nine months, we want to equip you to discover this. Through deep, rich & intentional community we want to create space for you to discover who you have always truly been. And we know that as you hear from Him, you will begin to step into all He has for you to bless the world around you.  

Will you take the risk and discover it?

What to Expect

photo of Jamie Winship

Jamie Winship

Jamie is an author, speaker, co-founder of Identity Exchange, and has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas.

photo of Michael and Meredith Mauldin

Michael & Meredith Mauldin

Michael and Meredith have a passion to see the church, at large, leading in creativity again and believe everything starts from the place of worship.

photo of Abbie Cobb

Abbie Cobb

Abbie Cobb is an actress, acting coach, and founder of the AFA Studio in Los Angeles which has the goal of helping actors get “unstuck”.

photo of Lindsey Reiman

Lindsey Reiman

Lindsey is the founder of the spiritual intelligence company Aqua Regia, the equipping center called The Prophetic Labs, and co-founder of the SQ Institute. She believes deeply in the power of teamwork and enjoys making connections between others.

photo of Derek Harden

Derek Harden

Derek is a Pathblazer. Like Caleb from the Old Testament, he doesn’t let unchartered territory intimidate, but rather enjoys forging new paths and making new trails for people to traverse in the Kingdom of God. 

photo of Kim Wheeler

Kim Wheeler

Kim is deeply in love with the voice of God and her passion is encouraging others in developing a real, meaningful relationship with Him – a relationship that impacts the Kingdom and brings heaven to earth.

Join us June 23rd-24th