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Ascend Cohort FAQs


What is the weekly schedule?
Where is it located?
Do you accept international students?
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Important Dates

Fall 2024 Semester

September 8th- December 19th

Thanksgiving Break

November 24th- December 1st

Christmas Break

December 22nd- January 5th

Spring 2025 Semester

January 6th- May 15th

Spring Break

March 23rd- March 30th

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When is the deadline to apply?

Deadline for applications is July 15, 2024.

How much is the application fee?

$40, non refundable.

What is required to apply?
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What is cost of tuition?
What does tuition cover?
Can I work?
Can I go to school?

You will be in class with Ascend 20-25 hours a week and encouraged to work somehow in the community. Any other time you have is up to you!

Is there Financial Aid?
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