Logan Aeschlimann

CF High/Middle Director

Who we are

Vision: The vision of CF Middle is to equip & empower middle school students to be all God designed them to be. 

Mission:  Our mission is to cultivate a safe community that is continually transformed through the power of the Spirit as we hear His voice, walk in freedom, and live out our God-given identity everywhere we go.

How that is accomplished in CF Middle

HEARING: We teach students to hear & recognize God’s voice through practice, prayer, the Word, community & the Holy Spirit.  We believe God still speaks to us in many ways & that hearing His voice is the key to knowing Him more! 

FREEDOM: We cultivate in our students a deeper desire to know Jesus, specifically the depth of His love & the power of His truth.  Knowing Jesus leads to the fullness of life & freedom He promises us as His sons & daughters!

IDENTITY: We guide students to discover & grow in their God-given identity.  As they are transformed by God’s power in them, their lives begin to transform the world around them!