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“In the beginning God created…”

Humanity, nature, wisdom, truth, and love were birthed from a creative God. As those made in His image, He has divinely placed within us the spirit of creativity; and there is an invitation to follow Him into the creative process.

What is the creative process? What can hinder the creative process? What redeems the creative process? Can creatives influence culture? Do I have a unique and God-given identity? Can I really hear from God and create from a place of wholeness and freedom? Join us June 23rd -24th for our Create Collab as we explore the answers to these questions. There will be opportunities during keynote sessions to learn from speakers and teachers including:

  • Jamie Winship (Christ Fellowship and Identity Exchange)
  • Wm. Paul Young (Author-“The Shack”)
  • Meredith and Michael Mauldin (SongLab and Film Production)
  • Abbie Cobb (Actress and acting coach-AFA Studio Los Angeles)
  • Lindsey Reiman (Aqua Regia, SQ Institute)

Finally, in addition to the keynote sessions, you will have multiple chances over the course of the weekend to collaborate with a small group of creatives in your field as you discuss, process, and practice your craft in a safe and supportive environment.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, just beginning your creative journey, or find yourself somewhere in the middle, there is a seat for you at the table.

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3:00-5:00pmPre-Lab: “Hearing God”
7:45-9:00pmKeynote: Jamie Winship/Kim Wheeler “What hinders the creative process? How do we ‘get empty’?”
9:00-10:15amJamie Winship “Identity/Inner Healing at work in the creative process”
10:30-12:00pmWorkshop #1 for Songwriters, Writers, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts
12:00-1:00pmLunch onsite Chick-Fil-A (ordered and included in price at registration)
1:00-3:30pmWorkshop #2 for Songwriters, Writers, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts
5:00pmClosing: Derek Harden “Creative Blessing”


photo of Jamie Winship

Jamie Winship

Jamie is an author, speaker, co-founder of Identity Exchange, and has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas.

photo of Paul Young

Wm. Paul Young

Paul is the author of the worldwide bestsellers, 
The Shack and Cross Roads. With nearly 23 million copies sold and 49 consecutive weeks at # 1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

photo of Michael and Meredith Mauldin

Michael & Meredith Mauldin

Michael and Meredith have a passion to see the church, at large, leading in creativity again and believe everything starts from the place of worship.

photo of Abbie Cobb

Abbie Cobb

Abbie Cobb is an actress, acting coach, and founder of the AFA Studio in Los Angeles which has the goal of helping actors get “unstuck”.

photo of Lindsey Reiman

Lindsey Reiman

Lindsey is the founder of the spiritual intelligence company Aqua Regia, the equipping center called The Prophetic Labs, and co-founder of the SQ Institute. She believes deeply in the power of teamwork and enjoys making connections between others.

photo of Derek Harden

Derek Harden

Derek is a Pathblazer. Like Caleb from the Old Testament, he doesn’t let unchartered territory intimidate, but rather enjoys forging new paths and making new trails for people to traverse in the Kingdom of God. 

photo of Kim Wheeler

Kim Wheeler

Kim is deeply in love with the voice of God and her passion is encouraging others in developing a real, meaningful relationship with Him – a relationship that impacts the Kingdom and brings heaven to earth.

Join us June 23rd-24th

Kingdom Collab is happening June 23rd-24th at Christ Fellowship Church located in Kingsport, TN

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