In a desire to locate and connect both those needing resources and those who have resources to give, Christ Fellowship has created an online connection point where you can fill out a form to “GIVE HELP” or “GET HELP.”

We invite you to Engage with Us in this effort! 

  • Pray about who you should bless with a ‘blessing box,’ and write down their names.
  • Decide between one of the following options:
    • Fill out a ‘Get Help‘ form for each recipient and our team will pack and deliver on your behalf.
    • RSVP HERE to pick up a pre-packaged box from the church that you can personally deliver.
    • RSVP HERE to come out to our packing center in the church gym to help pack a box with the guidance of our volunteers and then deliver yourself.
  • Donate Items via our Drive-Thru Drop Off located at CF’s main entrance: Wednesdays from 5-7pm & Sundays 1-3pm 


The “Get Help” Form is designed for anyone encountering difficulty during this season.  On this form, you can select to receive a care package from CF filled with basic necessities & food items – among a variety of other things meant simply to be a blessing.  You can also sign up to receive a friendly phone call, request prayer, and/or write in any specific needs you may have.

The “Give Help” Form is where you can sign up to donate items to help fill the care packages,  as well as let us know of whatever resources or services you’d like to offer should there be the need.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who could benefit from these resources.  And thanks in advance to all who generously give during this time to be a blessing and alleviate the burden of those among us in need. – It is the Way of Jesus. 



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