The purpose of Grounded Youth High School is to create dynamic Christ-centered environments that model biblical principles so that students will:

  • dive deeper into who Christ is and ask the hard questions necessary to develop a life centered around faith
  • build relationships with other students and leaders that enable them to be a positive influence among their generation
  • experience personal growth as they serve others through ministry
  • develop their gifts and talents as they lead and expand their influence

Grounded Youth High School provides consistent small groups that give students an opportunity to ask the hard questions about faith as they work out who God is. Our goal is that every student will have a solid faith foundation as they transition out of high school into their next phase of life. How do we do this?  Through research, statistics and experience, we have developed a ministry strategy for high school students that will optimize their time at church, create conversations about how to live a life of faith in our culture and provide opportunities for students to utilize their talents and leadership with the purpose of equipping them to be all God designed them to be.

  • We know that a big part of students growing and owning their faith is –
    • leading and serving in different areas of the church.
    • being small group leaders to younger children.
    • involvement in the adult worship service.
    • having diverse relationships outside of student ministry by serving alongside other adults.

All of these are major faith builders for high school students and truly equip them for their next phase of life after high school.

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