I hope you are having a great day!  I want to take a moment to give you an update on our international missions.  Although much of our Christ Fellowship efforts during the pandemic have been focused on loving and caring for our local community, we have continued to support our global partners and look forward to connecting with them face to face in 2021!

God seems to work in seasons in all aspects of life.  Our partnership with IMN (Ralph and Donna Holland) in Nicaragua has yielded much fruit and brought positive change to many children and adults.  If you have gone on a short-term mission trip to Nicaragua or sponsored a child – thank you!  You’ve made a difference in someone’s life!

As we’ve prayed and discussed our local and global outreach, we have made the decision that our season of partnering with the amazing people at IMN and Mundo de Fe will come to an end after 2020.  It was a difficult decision, but we believe it will be best for everyone involved.  Although CF will no longer have a formal connection in Nicaragua, we recognize you may desire to continue to support the efforts there.  I encourage you to email Chris Ball (cball@christfellowship.me) for more information on ways to support this ministry.

Thankfully the past few years we have broadened our international partnerships to several continents.  We were hoping to send several teams to minister in 2020 but COVID altered our approach.  We have continued to support these efforts through prayer, encouragement, and financial support throughout the pandemic.  Below is a brief summary of each of our international partnerships.

His Voice Global is an organization doing incredible work in Africa.  Their focus is on raising up leaders among orphans, vulnerable children, widows, and the local church.  Their heart is to see relationships restored and communities renewed with an innovative approach to holistic restoration, which includes ongoing discipleship, economic empowerment, and a ‘circle of care’ support system.  Over the last two years, we’ve cultivated a relationship with their founder Vernon Burger, and believe their missions-model is aligned with CF’s heart of equipping individuals to reach the fullness of their design.  Please check out www.hisvoiceglobal.com to see all the ways the kingdom of God is breaking in through HVG!

During the last 6 months of 2019, Christ Fellowship had the opportunity to host the Hantla family during their sabbatical after many years serving in the Middle East (ME).  They became like family at CF while their hearts, passion, and joy was renewed before heading back to the ME.  Since returning in January 2020, their team is much healthier in all areas, their influence has increased among the ‘worker’ (missions) community, and they are seeing their Muslim community encounter the love and power of Jesus!

Through the Hantla’s, we not only provide financial & prayer support but we have also been given the opportunity to send teams from CF to help build up and encourage the ‘worker community’ in the ME, which is compromised of missionaries from various countries and sending organizations throughout the ME.  This is an exciting opportunity to invest in those who are constantly pouring out.  We trust that as they are built back up, they will have a renewed vigor and vitality to help them remain effective in their work there.  The safety and security of the Hantla’s are very important so we limit the details of their location in print.  If you would like to receive updates and prayer needs via text from the Hantla’s please email cball@christfellowship.me and he will pass along the required information.

After two investigative trips last year, we believe God is doing something special in Moldova, which is a small country in Eastern Europe.  Though it is the poorest economical country in Europe, we found it rich with opportunities for the Gospel to break in with transforming power.  Through a handful of connections there, we intend to build upon those relationships and begin partnering with what God is doing in this overlooked yet ‘ripe for harvest’ nation.  We are continuing communication through the pandemic and hope to have clarity on our plans in Moldova in 2021.

Unfortunately, COVID disrupted all our planned trips for 2020.  But moving into 2021, we will be rescheduling trips to each of these locations throughout the calendar year and providing you with an opportunity to join.  If you would like more information about any of these international relationships, please email cball@christfellowship.me.  If you have any additional questions about our missions strategy or path forward feel free to also reach out to me at dharden@christfellowship.me.

I’m excited to see our local and global partnerships to continue to be strengthened as we link arms to see the rule and reign of God on the earth (every nation!) as it is in Heaven!

Much Love,