Rico & Teresa Ignace


Rico and Teresa Ignace have been members at CF since 2003. They
have been married for about 30 years, and have six children. The
two have served in various ministries of the church over the years,
Teresa having also been on staff for seven years in Children’s Ministry.


Rico and Teresa have long been involved with small groups.
The many references to “one another” strung out through Scripture
have had a significant impact on how they approach and
value relationships and service.

“I have always appreciated the CF vision statement with its emphasis
on God’s design for each one of us. A big indicator of that design
are the gifts that He places in us. I have long claimed that our
gifts make space for us: follow your gift, and you will find your
role – in church, community, work, really everything. When we
accept our design, we can lean on our design, and know it is good,
for us and for those around us. It always excites me for people
to find their ‘space’, and I appreciate how CF creates environments
to do just that.”