Family Experience Volunteers

Want to help us make something very special happen at our church for our littles and their parents? On July 27th from 6:30-7:30 pm at CF, we will host an event just for littles and their parents. We want to create a one-hour event called MAKE WAVES designed to help families have fun together while learning how Jesus can help us make waves that can change the world around us!

We cannot do it alone. We need people like you! People who can do things like…

  • Creating the atmosphere: Décor, music, signage to help parents navigate, etc.
  • Setting up and tearing down: These volunteers are the ones who show up before the event and set everything up as well as show up after the event to take it down and store it away.
  • Greeting parents and their littles: These volunteers are smiling, energetic people who love to make preschoolers and their families feel welcomed and excited about being at the FX. They are helpful people who want to make sure every parent knows where to go and what to do.
  • Facilitating the stations:  These volunteers will greet the parents and preschoolers as they walk up to the activity stations and assist them with the activity.

If any of these positions sound like something you would like to do, please sign up here: We need YOU to help us help families WIN. Thank you for your heart and dedication!