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Small Group Kick Off Event

God loves community and relationship.  It’s part of His very nature.  He calls us to relationships with Himself and others for very specific reasons.  Small Groups are a place to process what we hear from God, seek His gifts, take risks, and link arms to bring the realities of heaven to earth in the world around us.  Join us in September for one of the Group Kick-off dates and find a community of your own.

Register below! Select the group that BEST aligns with your current community desires.

The event dates are as follows:

MEN, WOMEN, and COUPLES: Tuesday, September 10th, 6-8P

SINGLES (COED) 30-40 and SINGLES (COED) 40+: Thursday, September 12th, 6-8P

COLLEGE 18-22 and YOUNG ADULTS 23-28: Friday, September 13th, 6-8P